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We also offer hundreds of online programs in 15 schools. Self-paced online programs help our students enter into the professional world and succeed. This program is designed for those who wish to pursue bachelor’s degree in UAE.

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Benefits Of Bachelor’s degree


Earning potential is one of the most obvious and significant reasons to acquire a bachelor's degree. According to the United States Census Bureau, the typical annual pay for bachelor's degree holders is $55,700, compared to $32,500 for those with only a high school certificate.

High school graduates earn an average of $1,300,000 during their lifetimes, whereas bachelor's degree holders earn an average of $2,300,000. However, receiving a bachelor's degree is a safe and dependable method to raise your professional worth. Salaries vary greatly depending on the industry you follow and the market you reside in, but acquiring a bachelor's degree is a certain way to increase your professional value.

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Job Satisfaction

It is not surprising that college graduates are more satisfied with their work than high school graduates, given that college graduates are more likely to obtain positions that pay well, have excellent benefits, and provide opportunities for promotion. All of these factors are crucial to work happiness. Equally impressive, though, is the reality that the majority of college graduates find professions that they enjoy and that play to their skills.

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Job Stability

Typically, college graduates have greater career security than high school grads. During economic downturns, for instance, entry-level, unskilled employment are frequently eliminated first. And during a recession, non-college grads had a considerably greater unemployment rate than college graduates. Typically, certified nurse and accountant are the two careers with the highest steadiness.

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