Scholarships & Grants:

Receive an academic scholarship covering up to 75 percent of your tuition charge, save money, and study at your own pace

Flexible Payments:

Reduce your financial stress by paying your tuition cost in convenient instalments at your convenience.

Tuition Fee Discount:

With academic awards from our online university partners, receive a substantial reduction in your tuition fee.

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Online accredited universities partnered with Pro Online Degrees offer exclusive scholarships and grants to students with disabilities enabling them to pursue higher education with ease. This in turn opens higher chances of employability for differently abled individuals. To sign up for exclusive grants for students with disabilities, get in touch with our student counsellor or simply apply now & lock your scholarship.


Students are eligible for special scholarships and grants from online recognised colleges that are partners with Pro Online Degrees based on their accomplishments and persistence. These scholarships and awards make it easier for students with disabilities to pursue higher education. As a consequence, this results in increased opportunities for students with high academic records, such as your SAT results, to demonstrate that you have performed well in school. Scholarships that are awarded on the basis of merit can help you improve your career prospects after you graduate, in addition to lowering the cost of your education.


Pro Online Degrees is associated with several authorised online colleges that provide special awards to our veterans and never forget to commemorate our nation's heroes by awarding them the deserved scholarships. As a result, this grant is open to students with a history of military service or engagement in military activities.


As a means of fostering a more diverse and inclusive student body, Pro online degrees regularly award financial aid to members of historically underserved communities. Minority students from a wide variety of countries and ethnicities are eligible to apply for these grants.


Scholarships are available from Pro Online Degrees to students whose involvement in community and civic activities displays a desire to give back to society. If you have participated in community service or other forms of civic involvement, you may be qualified to apply for this award.


With the goal of empowering and giving these women a fighting chance, Pro Online Degrees awards scholarships to low-income single mothers who have no one to care for their children or who are unable to complete their education because they must care for their family.

Student Aid Eligibility Criteria

Pro Online degrees serve the most deserving students regardless of culture, nationality, or background. Pro Online Degrees offer financial assistance programs to help its students achieve their educational goals. To do so, it has a simple qualifying requirement for every student who requests for aid. This criteria prioritises education. Understanding and meeting these criteria are vital for students seeking financial assistance to support their education and achieve their academic goals. This financial aid option is especially available for students living in UAE.

Online Accredited Degrees Offered By Our Partner Institutes are Recognized by Accreditation Bodies, Embassies & Authorities Worldwide.